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Prague's 5 Story Nightclub

The first stop on my spring vacation is Prague. However, I've already spent two days here and I'm currently in my hostel getting ready to head on over to the next destination. Although I only spent two days here I was still able to do a lot. One thing that I personally think everyone who is coming to Prague should check out is the nightlife. Karlovy Lázně, a 5 story night club, is one you can not miss.

It is advertised as "the biggest music club in central Europe" and out of all the other things I did in Prague, this probably was the most fun.


If you plan on going, don't worry about dressing to the nines. If you only packed day time clothing you still should be fine. I even saw some people wearing old sneakers, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt. The dress expectations here were very different from that of other clubs, especially in Paris, where I currently live. It was nice being able to go to a club with just light wash jeans, black booties, and a simple tank top. In most Parisian nightclubs you can't get in without at least heels on! The going out style here was therefore definitely more laid back and chill as opposed to the flashy and sensual Parisian nightlife style.


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