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On the Streets of Amsterdam

Black boots. One of the most basic shoe choices. As someone who has lived in the United States all my life, I’ve noticed black boots in styles such as combat, chelsea, and knee high to be the most prevalent in the Northeast where I’m from. While living in Paris for only a month and traveling to just two other locations in Belgium and the Netherlands, I’ve been beginning to notice a black boot style trend different from that of the ones I’ve come to know in the States; silver studs. An example of this can be seen in the photo above. The person on the right in the metallic orange puffer jacket is wearing mid-calf black boots with silver studs. I took this picture on Saturday morning while in Amsterdam. Just a couple of hours later I walked into a shoe store and there was a whole wall dedicated to just this style of black boot. I personally love this style as it reminds me of the rock stud design on Valentino bags, except these are round, flat, and circular studs. I also think these boots are a great alternative to basic black biker boots with details consisting of laces with silver accents like eyelets and buckles that you can often find in the US.


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