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Louis Vuitton X Van Gogh: Modern Designs Meets Classic Art

During the last day of my trip to Amsterdam I decided to browse the Van Gogh Museum. This museum is home to the world’s largest collection of art work by Vincent van Gogh. Unfortunately, however, as I came to realize, this museum does not hold Wheatfield with Cypresses. That is the painting Louis Vuitton decided to use in their “Masters” collection, which launched April of 2017. I think the meshing of the modern designs of Louis Vuitton’s handbags with Vincent van Gogh’s 1889 painting is an interesting collaboration with pros and cons. On the pros side, I think it is a great way to bring back one of the most influential artists, Van Gogh, into the spotlight. Putting Van Gogh’s artwork on 350 to 3500 euro handbags can be seen as a way of paying tribute to him and honoring his work. However, on the cons side, I think this collection is lacking in creativity and originality. I think it is important for fashion brands with such high prices to maintain a sort of “irreplaceability”, so as to set them apart from cheaper brands. This means they must make it very hard for other brands to create replicas of their designs. In this collection, I feel as though Louis Vuitton turned into one of those companies that just copies and creates replicas of other peoples’ designs. Where is the creativity?


Wheatfield with Cypresses, Vincent van Gogh, 1889

Taking pictures was not allowed inside the museum, otherwise I’d love to have incorporated some similar paintings, like the one shown above, from my visit into this post.


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