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Lisbon Style

Trends of the travelers on the streets of Lisbon Portugal


TREND #1 : white sneakers

The 'sneakers with everything' is a common trend in most European cities. The white sneaker look however I found particularly popular in the streets of Lisbon Portugal. In this costal town you can find many travelers and locals striding in their white Nikes down the mosaic walk ways straight to the beach! What makes this a popular trend is the contrast of attention when worn with black or darker colors, this brings the attention to the shoe.


TREND #2 : Layered white T-shirt

With the last of the millennials hitting their late teens and early twenties , the revival of the 90's is back. Around the world you can see new twists on vintage looks like I saw in Lisbon Portugal with this White T-shirt layered under a black satin sweetheart dress with peek-a-boo lace.


TREND #3 : Vertical Striped Pants

Cool, comfy, and oh so stylish are these striped pants! The trend of the stripped high waisted pants can been seen on the young and old, and are a travel essential for the traveler who likes to hit the streets in style and comfort.


Special Thank you to my favorite travel buddy, Grace Tiberia <3


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