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Chantilly, France

This weekend I visited a town just north of Paris called Chantilly. It is easy to get to by train and with less than an hour of travel time it is the perfect day trip. I went to the Château de Chantilly (“château” means castle in French). Holding the second largest collection of antique paintings after the Louvre, browsing the Château de Chantilly was an experience I’m glad I got to have. However, I would love to go back to Chantilly in June when the Prix de Diane Longines is held. The Prix de Diane Longines is an annual horse race where refined and sophisticated dress is worn by the racegoers. Extravagant hats are the star of each elegant outfit. Show up with the best outfit and as part of the racecourse’s fashion contest, you will win the title Mademoiselle Diane. Tickets for this year’s race on June 17th have a pre-sale price of 18 euros and are free for anyone under 18.

Winner of last year’s Mademoiselle Diane title, Marie-Sarah,1964,19,concours-d-elegance-a-chantilly-prix-de-diane.html

2015 Prix de Diane

Bold colors and patterns make up each glamourous look. It seems to be that each racegoer choses one main color for their outfit and then adds accents of one to two other colors.

No matter what you end up doing in Chantilly you must go to this little cart right outside of the Château to get a taste of authentic “crème Chantilly” (whipped cream).

For 4-euros I got an ice-cream cone with the best whipped cream I’ve ever had. Sadly, after one bite I dropped it on the ground. I named him Oscar so I could mourn his loss. Only the good die young.

Oscar in all his glory.



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