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Monthly News; Vol. 1

Welcome to Créatrice Co. Wondering where our name comes from? Créatrice is actually french for 'creator'. It’s a noun meaning a person or thing that brings something into existence. Créatrice Co. is here to bring your company’s brand into existence through exquisite communication. We have a wide variety of services that can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Check them out here

Each month Créatrice Co. curates industry news, helpful tips for building your brand, and links to the latest industry trends you won't want to miss. Our March Newsletter is jam-packed with the latest, let’s dive in!

The Building Blocks of a Brand

Visibility of your product or service can make or break your business, and having a strong brand makes you visible. Maybe you are looking to promote a new product, or you want to reach a new audience? Regardless of your motive, it is vital to recognize that brand awareness extends far beyond generating increased traffic and pushing out content. A brand with the right building blocks will have a strong foundation that will drive sales, increase engagement, develop audience insights and be the catalyst for new business opportunities. Read the Full article at

Industry Trends

Did you know TikTok just updated its policies regarding age-appropriate and LGBTQ content guidelines? Read the article here

A new study shows the best times to publish your content on social media platforms. Read the Rutgers School of Business research that defines "The science of when to post on social media" here

Tips from the Creators

Industry Tips: ‘Logo’ vs. ‘Brand’

Do you know the difference between a logo and a brand? Strong imaging is key to the visual communication of your product or service. Let’s define the main differences. First, a logo is not a brand, and a brand is not a logo. Rather, a logo is one element of many that make a brand, and a brand has more than one element. A logo can be made up of an icon, text, and/or symbol, whereas a brand is made up of a logo, strategy, design elements, and more. A logo represents a company or business but a brand can be a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.

Industry Tips: ’Virtue’ vs. ‘Vice’ Content

'Virtue' content is educational or value-adding content, while 'Vice' content is content that gives immediate gratification. Both are important to incorporate into your social media and marketing strategy. 'Virtue' content helps your audience stay up to date on the latest within your industry.' Vice' content is designed to entertain your audience and facilitate consumption. 'Virtue' content can be a financial article, a marketing case study, research, and more! 'Vice' content is fun, such as memes, a flash sale, celebration, or promo.

3 Books That Will Help You Market Anything

Earlier this month we celebrated Read Across America day! In honor of this day, here are three of Créatrice Founder Emily’s top reads. These are 3 books that will help you market anything. Yes, we’re giving away some secret weapons here, but they are worth the read! Check them out here

Does your brand need a boost? Or maybe you are just starting out and want to make sure you have all the essentials to build a strong brand from the ground up. Contact Créatrice Co today for a free consultation. Whether you are a legacy corporate company or a family-owned start-up, Créatrice Co. is here to develop your internal and external brand. Our creators are dedicated to being the creative solution to your creative problem.

Creator Emily Deanne Durant is committed to strengthening and nurturing relationships within organizations and between an organization, members of the media, and the public. Read all about Créatrice’s creator by visiting our website today.


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