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Monthly News; Vol 4

Each month Créatrice Co. curates industry news and helpful tips for building your brand. This month, we launched our “For the Followers” series where we give you FREE guides to download to keep in your marketing toolbox. Let’s check them out

⚜️Guides For the Followers ⚜️

Oh YEAH, size matters. Correct imaging is key to first impressions across your brand’s social media platforms. When your audience views your content, you want to make sure you are putting the most high-quality pictures, videos, and graphics out there. Whether you are posting pictures of people, products, or places you’ll want to make them look their best. Avoid the awkward stretching, pixelization, and all together cutting things off. If you are posting the same content on multiple platforms, that’s great! Just be sure to correctly resize for each platform. Here’s your guide to correct Image Sizing for Social Media.

Social Media Image Size Guide Download
Download PDF • 147KB

There are nearly 4 billion people posting on social media, but the best time for you to post is NOW! If you are using social media as a tool to promote yourself, your brand, or your business, optimal days of the week and times throughout the day can boost your viewership. Each business and brand has different goals, and therefore uses different social media platforms for various purposes. What's key, is that each social media platform has opportune times of day and days of the week to publish content. Download my free guide The Best Times to Post On Social Media to keep in your marketing toolbox.

Best Times to Post on Social Media FREE GUIDE
Download PDF • 115KB

Trend Alert⚜️ Collaborating with others by ‘stitching’ on TikTok is the latest trend. Here’s a quick guide on how to do so and the highlights behind the trend.

Trend Alert⚜️TikTok’s Competition: Meta just rolled out an update with 90-second reels. Read the article here.


Wondering where our name comes from? Créatrice is actually french for 'creator'. It’s a noun meaning a person or thing that brings something into existence. Créatrice Co. is here to bring your company’s brand into existence through exquisite communication. We have a wide variety of services that can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Check them out here

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