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Quarterly News: 2023 Q1

New Year, New Brand. Show 2023 what you got! Get your business on point with Créatrice Co's branding & social media sessions.

In 2023 Créatrice Co got a rebranding moment, and our guess is your business needs one too. But where do you start? What's trending? Where should we put our time, effort, creativity, and money? That's where Créatrice Co's branding and social media sessions come in. We can advise, coach, teach, and create the best marketing plan for you. But first, let’s dive into the top anticipated trends of 2023

In a end-of-year survey from Morning Brew, they asked fellow marketers engulfed in the field what was the trend that will be most important in 2023. You guessed it, TikTok toped responses. TikTok continued to have sensational growth, and it remains one of the only social platforms where businesses of any size, selling products or services can still grow followings, tribes of audience members and ultimately customers. Check out this article on how Small Businesses are Seeing Organic Growth on TikTok to understand why this trend in continuing in 2023.

Faceless Ads: For all you camera shy followers out there, this trend is for you. In fact, plenty of great ad marking campaigns do not require you to show your face. Visuals, specifically video marketing, has been proven to be the most effective at captivating your audiences attention. Unlike long articles (like this newsletter) or carousels of graphics, quick videos that directly explain your product or service will better capture the short attention span of your following. For some inspiration on faceless adds, check out the roundup of ides from Hootsuite.

Linkedin is your friend and it’s trending. No, Linkedin is not just a springboard for suit-wearing professionals to brag about their latest promotion on, it can actually be used as a tool to springboard your business into success. But you will want to brush up on some updates LinkedIn has to offer here. When on Linkedin remember to keep it classy.

Learn how to create B2B Google Ads campaigns that nurture & convert customers in the sales funnel in 2023. Google Ads is among the top most effective paid channels because you can understand the level of “purchase intent” based on the type of keyword used. This trend will give you the power to control your growth pace based on ad spend and campaigns used. Search Engine Journal shows you how.

Did you think we forgot about Twitter?? Heck no! We all know with Elon Musk’s recent purchase of the platform there have been quite a few changes made already (let that sink in). For better or for worse, all eyes are on the blue checkmark… or is it grey… or is it gold…anyways, everyone is watching the twittershepere so in 2023 take advantage of this trend and show them what you’ve got!

Private Coaching Sessions now available! Book a Virtual or In-Person Session with creator & communication specialist Emily Durant, M.A. Chat about how to manage your Social Platforms, the best way to incorporate print and still marketing materials, what your brand should look like, website accessibility and more!

In the digital sphere, things change constantly and it can be challenging for businesses (of all sizes) to keep up with the latest trends and updates. Subscribe to our quarterly newsletter for a roundup of all the things you need to know to run successful social platforms…

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