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Size Matters

Oh YEAH, size matters. Correct imaging is key to first impressions across your brand’s social media platforms. When your audience views your content, you want to make sure you are putting the most high-quality pictures, videos, and graphics out there. Whether you are posting pictures of people, products, or places you’ll want to make them look their best. Avoid the awkward stretching, pixelization, and all together cutting things off. If you are posting the same content on multiple platforms, that’s great! Just be sure to correctly resize for each platform. Here’s a quick guide to correct image sizing

First impressions are all that matter, so make sure your images and videos are sized correctly the next time you post. Here’s why.

It shows you care!

Visibility of your product or service can make or break your business, and having a strong brand makes you visible. Maybe you are looking to promote a new product, or you want to reach a new audience? Regardless of your motive, it is vital to recognize that the way you present your brand matters. Correct sizing is simple but is so often carelessly overlooked or screwed up. A brand with the right building blocks, such as correct imaging, will have a strong foundation that will drive sales, increase engagement, develop audience insights and be the catalyst for new business opportunities.

It promotes brand consistency

Pro tip! Consistency in imaging and posting is proven to boost your algorithm. Anytime you see hot pink and orange together, you might think of Dunkin Donuts. That’s consistency in brand colors and imaging. When you see the notification for the Tinx podcast every two days, that’s consistency in posting. Your audience responds well to consistency, so start that consistency with your imaging.

It keeps you professional

Professional imaging does not mean you have to have cookie-cutter graphics and clearly staged images. Be authentic and be you, but keep it professional by correctly sizing your content. The way you look matters and that goes for your brand’s social media platforms as well! Get our free Social Media Image Size Guide today by downloading the pdf below.

Social Media Image Size Guide Download
Download PDF • 147KB

Does your brand need a boost? Or maybe you are just starting out and want to make sure you have all the essentials to build a strong brand from the ground up. Contact Créatrice Co today for a free consultation. Whether you are a legacy corporate company or a family-owned start-up, Créatrice Co. is here to develop your internal and external brand. Our creators are dedicated to being the creative solution to your creative problem.

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