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The Building Blocks of a Brand

Visibility of your product or service can make or break your business, and having a strong brand makes you visible. Maybe you are looking to promote a new product, or you want to reach a new audience? Regardless of your motive, it is vital to recognize that brand awareness extends far beyond generating increased traffic and pushing out content. A brand with the right building blocks will have a strong foundation that will drive sales, increase engagement, develop audience insights and be the catalyst for new business opportunities.

What are the building blocks of a strong brand?

Mission, Vision & Goals

Aligning your organization and your people is no small task. That’s why goals are always a great thing to have in place. Remember to keep it real when goal planning. Quarterly and yearly goals that are simple and achievable are the way to go. Defining a mission statement, vision statement and active attainable goals can serve as a firm foundation of your brand. As one part of your strategic brand plan, a mission statement can help you and your team knows exactly what you will work on. A vision statement illustrates what is on the horizon for your company and serves as a guide to achieving your goals

Brand Kit

A Brand Kit is a centrally located document that allows you and your team to have imaging and guidelines all in one place. This will consist of your logos, fonts, imaging styles, messaging styles, hashtags, landing sites, and often a content strategy. A brand kit ensures that the content you are producing, whether it is for social media or print, is consistent. Aligning your brand is vital in the twenty-first century, and having an up to date effective brand kit is one of the most important building blocks of a strong overall brand.

Quality Imaging

Do you know the difference between a logo and a brand? Strong imaging is key to the visual communication of your product or service. Let’s define the main differences. First, a logo is not a brand, and a brand is not a logo. Rather, a logo is one element of many that make a brand, and a brand has more than one element. A logo can be made up of an icon, text, and/or symbol, whereas a brand is made up of a logo, strategy, design elements, and more. A logo represents a company or business but a brand can be a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.

Engagement Marketing

The primary method of communication, besides the one-on-one customer contact, is engagement marketing. In this day and age, your hard marketing materials such as brochures, business cars, posters, signage, and more go hand in hand with your digital and social media marketing content. Engagement marketing allows consumers to see the value, vision, and culture within an organization. The more engaging the messaging is, the more likely your audience is to remember your product or service. Be value-driven when creating content and pay extra attention to the design elements that will communicate your brand. Pro-tip; don’t be afraid to include interactive elements such as QR codes to create a connection between your print and digital marketing materials.

A Social Media Strategy

Similar to the mission, vision, and goals you defined, a social media strategy is a central aspect of your strategic brand plan. A social media strategy is a comprehensive digital marketing plan that allows you and your team to be creative and publish a variety of content relevant to your product or service. A social media strategy will help your business to gain new leads, move people through your sales funnel, and help achieve your overall marketing goals. Additionally, a social media plan is beneficial to keeping your team on track via efficient and effective management and tracking systems.

Human Presence

Having a human presence is the first step to creating a personality for your brand. Not only are you building a digital footprint when publishing content, but you are also curating a digital persona. Clients and customers alike want to see YOU and know that the businesses they are interacting with are not fabricated robots, rather caring individuals. Human presence is a key factor in the success of your business as it assists in customer acquisition and retention, boosts visibility to potential customers and clients, and serves as reinforcement of the integrity of your business. The stronger the presence, the more trust you will build with your audience.


Does your brand need a boost? Or maybe you are just starting out and want to make sure you have all the essentials to build a strong brand from the ground up. Contact Créatrice Co today for a free consultation. Whether you are a legacy corporate company or a family-owned start-up, Créatrice Co. is here to develop your internal and external brand. Our creators are dedicated to being the creative solution to your creative problem.


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