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La Parisienne

La Parisienne is a feminine stereotype expressing the inhabitants of the city of Paris in her attitude, poise and fashions. The icon of La Parisienne is a figure of French elegance. This display of the woman obtaining the fashions of the city has been a example of Parisan women through an American lense for a long time.


La Parisienne can be identified by a few iconic items. The trench coat; a staple that is able to be dressed up or dressed down.


The little black dress; an essential garment in any capsule wardrobe that shows off the curves of a feminine silhouette.


A pop of RED; the color of lust, love and a daring girl. This can be a red lip, red beret or red heels.


This is further distinguished by an indefinable amount of people. It has been and still is today celebrated by writers such as Théodore de Banville , painters , illustrators such as Gruau , Kiraz , or Margaux Motin , and filmmakers alike . The British fashion designer John Galliano describes La Parisienne as a "well coiffed, well pavement " . Director Loïc Prigent, a specialist in fashion, says that "she is a reference and a mystery" , and tries to "define the Parisienne" with humor.



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