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How to Schedule a Month of Content

Scheduling content is not a bad thing. It’s actually a great way to make sure your brand is being communicated from a larger perspective. Being proactive about quality and maintaining brand standards is something that entrepreneurs and content creators alike are concerned about when it comes to scheduling a month’s worth of content, but with these easy steps Créatrice Co. will help you schedule a month of content in no time at all.


Step 1: Start with a Strategy

A social media strategy is a comprehensive digital marketing plan that allows you and your team to be creative and publish a variety of content relevant to your product or service. A social media strategy will help your business to gain new leads, move people through your sales funnel, and help achieve your overall marketing goals. A social media plan is beneficial to keeping your team on track via efficient and effective management and tracking systems, and the same goes for scheduling a month of content. Starting with a strategy will ensure that the integrity of the brand stays at the forefront of all the content creation. Still don’t think you need a plan for your social media? Check out 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Your Social Media Strategy for more reasons a strategy will help you succeed!

Step 2: Create Content Themes

With your social media strategy in mind, it’s time to create content themes. These themes can be anything related to your business. Whether that is promoting a product, sharing industry news or releasing a new item, content themes will help you to cover all the areas of your brand identity. These content themes should follow a schedule and be recurring. For example, if you are a real estate company one of your recurring content themes could be a “Friday Feature” where you feature a property every Friday. This not only gives your audience consistent content but will also help you map out a plan of your month of content. Ultimately, you want to use your themed content on your social media platforms to generate traffic back to your website so that your audience will schedule your services and purchase your products.

Step 3: Make a Plan

Once you have your content themes and your reoccurring content themes making a plan for your month of content is seamless. Put those google docs and sheets to use when you are making your content plan. Start by listing out all the dates you plan on posting throughout the month. Next, plug-in your recurring themed content, then build your other content around that. You will want to write out your captions and accompanying hashtags here as well!

Step 4: Incorporate Reels and TikTok’s (and yes, you can repost across platforms)

It’s not just the latest trend that will fade away shortly, TikTok’s and Reels are actually incredibly useful in boosting your visibility from an algorithmic standpoint. When you schedule out your content, make sure to use a variety of photos, videos, graphics and reels! Convincing your audience to engage with you can be tricky. Reels and TikTok videos make boosting engagement a breeze. People love seeing and sharing positive interactions between brands and buyers. By creating these videos you create relatability between your brand and your customers, ultimately increasing opportunities to build brand loyalty, increase word-of-mouth referrals and increase sales. And yes, you can make a TikTok and post it as a reel on Instagram and Facebook or vice versa. Work smarter not harder my friends! Read more about Reels and TikToks in our blog article Get Reel.

Step 5: Get Creative!

Now that you have your dates, recurring themes, a variety of topics to cover, and captions written, it’s time to get creative. That’s right, I’m talking about setting aside time to make a batch of content. Feel inspired and productive and create beautiful content that will wow your audience.

Scheduling a month of content can be a lot of work, but by starting with your brand strategy, being organized, sticking to your themes and tapping into that creativity you are set up for success. Don’t have time to create, schedule and monitor your content? Créatrice Co. can help!

Creator Emily Deanne Durant is committed to strengthening and nurturing relationships within organizations and between an organization, members of the media and the public. Reach out to her today for a free consultation. She's an expert on Instagram reels & TikTok videos and wants to help you too!

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