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Escape to the Countryside: France

If you're thinking of making a day trip or even taking a weekend holiday and are looking to escape the stuffiness of the city of Paris I would highly recommend the countryside of Normandy. Traveling even just 45 min outside the city can be such a nice getaway, even if it's just for a few hours.

I recently visited this little chateau in Normandy called La Ferme des Ruelles. This chateau is located just an hour and a half north west of Paris in Giverny, Normandy. I took a bus, but renting a car is a low cost option as well.


What to do:

At La Ferme des Ruelles you can learn all about sustainable organic farming. Since France is home to some to the richest agricultural regions and food, it was nice to learn a little bit more about the care that goes into these products. La Ferme des Ruelles has many agriculture fields you can stroll through, a distillery where they produce her cider and liquors from apples, a barn perfect for functions, and a shop where they sell jams, liquors and other products they make on site. Additionally, if you're looking for an authentic chateau stay, you can spend the night at their bed and breakfast located in their large farm house. This farm originated in the 11th century and though many structures have been modernized since then, the quaint charm of the country side remains.


What to bring:

Raincoat, sunglasses, and some anti-acid are the top things you'll need for this trip. The weather in the countryside can change hourly so you'll want to be prepared for any kind of weather. It can also get chilly at night! Many of the authentic food of this region are made with their main export, pommes or apples. Because of this you may want to bring some anti-acid just incase. In addition, I would pack a book of french phrases if you are not confident in your french. I found that a majority of the northerners speak little to no english. In all Giverny Normandy is the quaint country getaway in France you've been searching for!


10/10 Nadia and Emily recommend!


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