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Denim & Sneakers

There are no rules in fashion. We all know that. However, there is one faux pas, which seems to be common knowledge in the United States, about wearing jeans and running sneakers. I’m not talking Converse, Adidas superstars, or Puma creepers with jeans. I’m talking about the sneakers people use when they actually go for a run. Like Nike flyknits, ASICS, or Brooks sneakers. While living in Paris for a little over a month now I’ve been noticing that this doesn’t seem to be a faux pas here. Every day I walk by at least 4 people wearing jeans and running sneakers. In the States, that might happen once a week. This is just my experience though. If you live in the States, do you rarely see the jean and sneaker combo as well?

The difference between sneakers that “can” be worn with jeans and ones the “can’t”:

On the metro during my morning commute to class.

Image : "Adidas Originals Superstar Baskets - Noir et blanc"


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