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Art v. Fashion: Pablo Picasso

This week I visited the “Musée des Arts Décoratifs” in the west wing of the Louvre. On display were several jewelry pieces by Pablo Picasso. Many of us think of Picasso as a sculpture and painter who introduced the style of “cubism” to the world. But did you know he also experimented with different mediums such as jewelry? While looking at the pieces I thought about the relationship between art and fashion. Picasso is obviously an artist and because he designed jewelry, an important element of fashion, could we also say he is a fashion designer?

I think there is a blurry line between fashion and art. I would say fashion is art but art is not always fashion. This probably stems from my definition of art, which is an expression of one’s thoughts and perceptions without boundaries. When creating fashion, no matter how bold and extraordinary the outfit, you are still always constrained to creating something for the shape of a human body. Picasso had to limit himself, just as clothing fashion designers do, to only creating jewelry that could actually be worn on the human body. So I guess we could call this jewelry collection, and all fashion for that matter, wearable art… not just art.


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