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All you need to know about Disney Paris

All you need to know about Disney Paris: what to wear, see and do!


Just last week I went 45 minutes outside of the city of Paris to visit the magic of Disney Paris. So here is the insider scoop on what you need to wear, see and do.


1. Buy the hopper pass. There is two parks and it is completely reasonable to do both parks in one day as long as you maximize your time. I would definitely recommend arriving a half hour before the park opens to wait in the ticket lines.

2. Don't wear sandals or heels. Wear comfortable shoes! Disney is a lot of walking so make sure you don't wear shoes that will give you blisters by the end of the day. I wore little grey tennis shoes and they were perfect.

3. Bring an umbrella! Even though you are technically out of Paris, the weather is almost identical. We had an overcast day and we did experience unexpected showers so we were thankful we stashed compact umbrellas in our purse.

4. Bring a small bag or purse. You don't need that much for a day at Disney. You are not allowed to bring in any food or drink, and on most rides you can not have a large bag or backpack.

5. Wear some Disney swag. Wearing a shirt or buying some ears will surely put you in the Disney mood.

6. Bring a jacket! For me it was chilly when we arrived at 9 am in the morning and then chilly again when the fireworks went off at 11pm so I would highly suggest bringing a jacket.

7. Besides crepe and cafe stands there is no fast food or food cart options so plan on spending at least an hour in a restaurant here.



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