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Salon D’Agriculture

The Salon D’Agriculture is an annual event hosted in Paris. It is an expo of everything that has to do with one of the French’s favorite things , food. Animals to see, cooking workshops to take, and foods from France and France's territories to try all collect here, for a week long learning celebration.If you are in Paris during the time of the annual expo it is worth the admission fee.


I got to try foods I have been scared to buy in the grocery stores, learned about how food is grown, harvested, and exported throughout the country and even got to pet some animals! This event demonstrates how France operates as a low context culture. Because they are a collectivist culture, it is of high importance to them to take care of their community and country as a whole. They do this by educating the children and the population on the things that are most important to them. At the Salon D’Agriculture they educated on all things food. In providing this learning experience to the people they are also showing to each other the importance of having a sustainable environment. In efforts to have a sustainable environment they need to make sure food exporters and growers are flourishing to make sure their favorite foods continue to flourish.


I went to this event attired in a more modern street edge look. Sporting an oversized jean jacket , turtleneck sweater and slide sneakers I fit right in with the other teens, families, and couples whom were in attendance.


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