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HPU Chapel Donations Make 150 Christmas Mornings Memorable

Socks, trendy toys, and candy canes are just a few things that Santa leaves under the tree for kids across the world every year. However, for some children in the city of High Point, this is not the case.

By Emily Durant December 4, 2017

According to Data USA 21 percent, of High Point families live a life beneath the poverty line. But what does this mean for Christmas morning?

The goal for students on the Board of Stewards, which is part of the High Point University Chapel, is for every child in High Point to have presents under the tree on Christmas morning. They are spearheading a donation center at the Hayworth Chapel and have committed to sponsoring 150 children through the Angel Tree Program.

A Magical Christmas Morning

Cassie Chidester, event coordinator for the Board of Stewards at HPU, says "the goal of the Board of Stewards is to encourage all clubs and organizations on campus to give back to the community around them." The Board has been successful in years past, Chidester adds, "this year they hope to donate even more."

"It costs about $100 per child" says Chidester, "to provide clothes shoes and a few toy items that the child may want." The cost to make someone's Christmas morning magical? Priceless. The toy donations that are collected at the High Point University drop off location are then wrapped, tagged, and handed over to the Salvation Army.

Communications Chair of the Board of Stewards Maddie Stoltzfus adds that it is important to adopt Angels "because we are providing children with Christmas gifts that they may not receive otherwise." Though it may seem like a small thing to some,"I believe that people can be touched through the small acts" says Stoltzfus.

Giving back

The Angel Tree Program, ran by the Salvation Army of High Point, caters to children that would otherwise not be paid a visit by Santa. "With many living in poverty," says Hannah Joyce, lead coordinator of this project, "parents or guardians enrolled in Medicaid or not can sign up for this program in hopes that their children can still have a Christmas."

Joyce, lead coordinator of this project, says "Angle Tree program is just one way Salvation Army gives back to their community." In addition to The Angel Tree Program at Christmas, the Salvation AStuff a Bus back to school program, and the Boys and Girls Club. The Salvation Army of High Point allows the community to make the wishes of local children come true.

Called to Serve

"We feel called to give back to our community" Communications Chair of the Board of Stewards Maddie Stoltzfus adds, "because as a group of Christians we are called to use our gifts and abilities to honor him."

Stoltzfus says that this then may then create a spark in these children, and that they may grow up one day and want to return the favor by giving gifts to other children through the Angel Tree program. "Or they may be touched spiritually by understanding God’s faithfulness through the difficult times" says Stoltzfus.

Help in your community

Nov. 11, 2011 though Dec. 9, 2011 you, your families, and companies can choose to make a donation or adopt an angel. Angel Trees are at convenient locations all over the High Point area. Those who wish to adopt angels can visit one of the locations listed below and choose a boy or a girl to shop for. Each angel includes the name and age of a child and what is on their wish list for Christmas.

Drop off Locations BB&T Banks (High Point, Archdale, Jamestown) Emerywood Fine Foods High Point Banks (Palladium, Main St, Fairfield Rd.) Oak Hollow Mall Tom’s Place

High Point University Hayworth Chapel

More Information To contact the Salvation Army directly you can call 881-5400 for more information!

To donate at the High Point University Location Contact Cassie Chidester from the Board of Stewards 615-638-0589.

For more information on about the Board of Stewards at High Point University contact Maddie Stoltzfus, Communications Chair (717) 940-4342.


Angel Tree Registration

"Students Raised $7500 for Angel Tree Program"

Adopt an Angel via Facebook



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