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6 Ways to Incorporate Pop Culture into your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Every meme you see of someone tripping at the Oscars or the latest Kim K endorsement is Pop Culture. It does not matter if you are a small business, large corporation or a start up. Incorporating Pop Culture references into your social content allows you to appeal to your audience in a satirical and playful manner.

Incorporating Pop Culture references does not have to be hard! Here are six ways you can seamlessly add Pop Culture into your Social Media Marketing Strategy.


1. Go Live

Going Live is the latest pop culture phenomenon. This tool allows you the most direct and authentic access to your audience. If you are a CEO, this can be a way for you to address employees and customers alike. If you are a small business you can use this tool to announce a new product.

2.Use trending #hashtags

Hashtags are used as a filing system. Aligning your content with trending hashtags allows your brand to become more discoverable, and drives traffic towards your content. Hashtags are an important aspect of your social media post as they allow you to be found by the right people. When you combine this with a trending aspect of pop culture you increase your overall visibility.

3. Make a reel or Tiktok

Using an Instagram Reel or TikTok video can astronomically increase your reach, and easily boost your engagement. Reels using trending audio are not just a current fab, but a pop culture phenomenon you need to be taking advantage of. These videos allow you to participate in trending audio, while showcasing your personality, and we know your personality is essential to your brand awareness.

4. Repost Industry news & trends

Reposting other leaders and creators' content, sharing related articles and putting the latest industry developments at the forefront of your social media marketing demonstrates your knowledgeability on the topic and the world around you. This proves that you are not just trying to sell your product or service, but are a valued educational resource as well. Ultimately this builds trust with your audience, increases following and traffic towards your product or service. An added bonus of re-sharing the pop culture of your industry is this can also serve as a content supplement on your page!

5. Provide your audience with commentary

After you repost, re-share related articles, industry developments, or other creators' content, provide commentary for your audience! They follow you because they want to hear from you, so give the people what they want. Honest, unscripted, authentic, and organic content isn’t just for influencers, and while this is a trend, it will demonstrate the authenticity of your brand.

6. Curate a roundup of reactions

Ask your audience to engage with you! For example, if you were to ask your audience a question with two answers, choose two reactions as their way to answer the question. Giving the opportunity for your audience to weigh in is allowing them to be a part of the trending conversation! When they weigh in on the lighter pop culture subjects


Does your brand need a boost? Or maybe you are just starting out and want to make sure you have all the essentials to build a strong brand from the ground up. Contact Créatrice Co today for a free consultation. Whether you are a legacy corporate company or a family-owned start-up, Créatrice Co. is here to develop your internal and external brand. Our creators are dedicated to being the creative solution to your creative problem.


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