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Paris Is Always a Good Idea- Audrey Hepburn

Why I Chose to Study Abroad

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to a variety of amazing places around the world. Greece, Mexico, Italy, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico to name a few. As a frequent traveler I knew I always wanted to complement my undergraduate education with a study abroad experience. Strengthening my language skills, exposing myself to world renowned art, and expanding my understanding of cultures are just a few of the reasons that helped me make my decision to study in Paris, France. When the opportunity arose to not just visit, but live day to day within another culture I could not say no!

Yes, it is as amazing as it seems in the movies.

I've been in Paris for almost a full week now and still think I'm living in a dream. Paris is the perfect city to expand my horizons and it has already begun to do so. I've met people from around the world, whom are studying, working, and living here. The diversity of the city's people and the way they seem to coexist peacefully is one admirable thing that I wish I had been exposed to earlier.

Whatever part of town you’re staying in or exploring, there is a great local café. At any time throughout the day you can drop in for coffee, catch up on the latest romance novel, grab a bite with colleagues, or engage in conversation with a local. Macarons, croissants, and baguettes all taste better when being enjoyed out front of a little café in Paris, it's the truth!

If the decadent cuisine doesn't grab your attention then the breath taking architecture surely will. The Notre Dame overlooks the Seine and was built over the course of 200 years. It is the most prominent example of Gothic style architecture. Paris’ City Hall—the Hôtel de Ville—purchased in 1357 is the Mayor of Paris' not so humble abode. And of course the most obvious, La Tour Eiffel, which sparkles every evening.

Each day is a new adventure, and thats "la joie de vivre".


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