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Bienvenue dans mon appartement

A look into my Parisian flat! VIEW the full gallery here!


Bienvenue dans mon appartement- welcome to my apartment! Though the French live a bit differently than residents of the United States, I am certainly feeling at home here in Paris. Here is a look into what it's like to live like a Parisian student!


Le Salon - The Living Room


The city of Paris is divided into twenty arrondissements or districts. Fun fact- the layout of the city is modeled after the Parisian's favorite animal "l'escargot" the snail. My three roommates and I live together in the 16th arrondissement. Like many apartment buildings here, we are among families, business people and couples. Our arrondissement is the home to many quaint shops, churches, the Louis Vuitton Foundation, and even the sight of the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball.


Ma Chambre - My Room


Viewed from the street our building is no different that the ones we neighbor. Inside, I was absolutely stunned by the classic crown molding, twelve foot ceilings, converted fireplaces and of course the huge closet. However there are a few living space differences. Like most flats here there are no dryers. If you take a look at "la cuisine" - my kitchen- you can see that the washing machine is right next to the stove. Hmmm. Additionally, microwaves and washing machines are not popular here so we don't have those either. Some safety features I was also surprised to find absent were lights in the hallways, and there are no screens on any of our windows. Instead our windows open to picturesque balconies just a few things i'll have to get used to. Ça en vaut la peine! Its worth it to be living here in Paris.


View from my balcony window


VIEW even more photos here!


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